All firms want to move the dial forward – to grow operations and maximize efficiency. SNL iPartners understands that analyzing data quickly and easily is imperative for an organization to capture, service and retain clients. We help firms gain the greatest return from their data by delivering a solution that allows firms to:

Consolidation without Complexity

Relieve the challenges of multiple data sources

It takes a lot to run an effective operation – new data, old data, advanced systems, legacy systems. Unfortunately, all of the moving pieces often result is disparate data sources and increasing complications in data retrieval. End-users have to search multiple locations to get the data they need. Consolidating the data into one location may be a complete infrastructure overhaul firms are not ready to undertake. 

SNL iPartners can help streamline your current data processes with our all-inclusive BI SaaS solution. Our experienced team can:

  • Seamlessly incorporate legacy data into new Policy Administration Systems
  • Take responsibility for the entire data ETL process
  • Verify data and performance indicators and store data in a dedicated data warehouse

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Time-Tested, Client-Approved

Proven BI SaaS technologies have made SNL iPartners the choice of over 50 customers.

In the insurance industry, numbers speak volumes. SNL iPartners’ team of experts have been deploying business intelligence technology for nearly two decades. When we turned our focus to the Property and Casualty segment of insurance in 2004, SNL iPartners’ objective was to deliver an advanced solution that can produce an accelerated ROI and minimize capital risk for clients.

Currently, our certified technology is utilized by over 50 P&C customers and over 2,000 end-users. Our familiarity with leading core systems vendors means a more tailored solution for your needs. Our large user base has enabled us to gather valuable feedback from actual end-users. Their inputs have driven multiple releases of our solution as we strive to enhance the end-user experience and keep our customers ahead of the technology curve.

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One Stop Shop

Search one and done with Insurance Scorecard.

True value is derived from a user-friendly interface and an efficient process design that can generate accurate, quantifiable data. In addition to technology, the front-end ability to promptly interpret data into actionable tasks with measurable results is at the center of efficient operations.

SNL iPartners’ Insurance Scorecard™ is an end-to-end solution designed to support, manage and analyze information across the major operating areas of an insurance firm. 

  • Consolidate: Large amounts of data are merged into an insurance measurement framework to create a comprehensive set of P&C industry-specific key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Validate: Data cleansing procedures are performed to ensure data accuracy and integrity. All data is accessible through a single user interface.
  • Integrate: SNL iPartners’ library of P&C analytics and reports allows end-users to take the drivers’ seat, not reinvent the wheel.  The ever-expanding library of analytics and reports currently contains over 70 KPIs and support metrics for over 50 different lines of business.

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No Software, No Hardware, No Hassles

Eliminate Infrastructure Capital with Software-as-a-Service

Is your firm truly BI ready? After a detailed BI strategy, preparations, execution and maintenance are vital to an organization’s successful BI adoption. Unfortunately, the multi-layered task of delivering a dependable BI solution can be one that is beyond the scope of a firm’s available budget and resources.  Does your firm have the resources to implement and provide on-going support the solution? Where do you start?

SNL iPartners’ unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) model delivers a cost-effective, robust, mobile BI solution without the demands, limitations and risk associated with on-premise solutions. For an economical monthly subscription fee, you can gain full access to SNL iPartners’ comprehensive, customizable BI SaaS solution via the internet, anytime, anywhere. There are no software to download or install and no hardware to purchase.  Additionally, access over the web means your end-users do not have to be organization’s internal network to retrieve data and reports.


Satisfy Your Need for Speed

Go from Idea to Production in Weeks, Not Months

Getting to the BI deployment finish line seems impossible when your management team is buried in software evaluations, hardware specifications and networking configurations. Once objectives are set, you are eager to see your vision fulfilled – not hindered by cumbersome outliers.

By offering our solution under a SaaS model, SNL iPartners drastically reduces the implementation timeline. As part of the BI SaaS model, all infrastructure setup involved with the solution – including hardware selection, acquisition and installation – is handled by our team of engineers. This method reduces the risk of errors in a self-deployment. Additionally, maintenance and support are handled by our teams of engineers, allowing your resources to shift their focus to other pressing projects and optimizing operational efficiency for your firm.