SNL iPartners is committed to leading the way in on-demand management reporting and analysis. Organizations large and small, public and private, mutual and stock, single line and multiline have turned to SNL iPartners to unlock the value in their data to they can better serve customers and stakeholders. We are proud to deliver comprehensive solutions and services to our diverse set of customers below.

Celina Mutual Group

“The real advantage in using the system is being able to drill down into claim detail. A good example is in the event of storms, like the recent tornados that came through Kentucky. The first thing we did was to go to the SNL iPartners system to see where we were. We were able to know in a matter of minutes what our exposure was and begin to prepare our response team. We started at the highest level which was the general geographic location that was impacted, (counties), and we were able to drill down to the individual risks in minutes to identify our loss potential.”

—Ted Wissman, CPCU, AIC Senior Director of Claims, Celina Mutual Group


iPartners' Customers

Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company

“SNL iPartners has fundamentally changed how our management team approaches managing the numbers – providing infinite analysis possibilities with ease of use. It has changed the way we look at business.”

—Jonathan C. Grether, MSIM, CPCU, Chief Operating Officer, Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company


GuideOne Insurance

​“Our SNL iPartners reporting solution is an incredible resource for GuideOne Insurance!  Whether it is one of the many pre-built dashboard reports or the ability to create a personalized report within the ad hoc iControl2 environment, we can always count on this incredibly agile, reliable and valuable tool to help us with all of our reporting needs. An added benefit is the first-class customer service we always receive from the SNL iPartners staff!  Their quick response time and level of expertise is second to no one in this industry!”

- Gloria Winters, Senior Information Analyst, GuideOne Insurance



“We appreciate all the efforts by SNL team members. Their professionalism, depth of knowledge, timely responses and service always makes it a pleasure to work with them.”

- Hari Subramania, Chief Financial Officer, America Auto Guardian, Inc.


The Andover Companies

“​Since 2011 when we began the implementation of our solutions I have enjoyed working with the team at SNL iPartners. I have met and worked with so many of the team and have always found them extremely knowledgeable and helpful. From the beginning when we met with Tom & Tim to design the solution to the training we received from Deb and the help we got from Richie, LeKeya, Keith and Bo it has been a pleasure to have been associated with your team. As I retire, I wish you all much success in the future.”

- Mike Mahoney, Senior IT Manager, The Andover Companies



​“ICAT had a goal to transition our reporting from IT to the hands of our internal and external customers.  The SNL iPartners solutions have enabled us to achieve this goal.  Self-service reporting is a reality at ICAT.  With an intuitive platform, it was easy to drive user adoption throughout the enterprise. Now, stakeholders are 100% confident in building their own reports that are based on a single, standardized set of numbers, and as a result, we’re all on the same page!”

—Michael Ferber, CIO and Executive Director of Human Resources, ICAT