Your data should be meaningful. Endless reports of columns of numbers and charts are impractical unless they drive and support key decisions. You don’t need to pages of statistics. You need a central forum for answers.

SNL iPartners’ Insurance Scorecard™ transforms insurance data and provides concise performance measures that allow end-users and management to identify vital business drivers. Guided by insights from industry experts, Insurance Scorecard™ integrates enterprise-class Business Intelligence technology with a simplified interface.

  • Interactive – Built on a simple, point-and-click approach, every input is commanded by the end-user. Users can customize reports-on-the-fly to fit their current queries. Drag-and-drop, single click expansions and collapse and color assignments capabilities empower users by giving them a closer look at data, drilling down to the underlying factors to identify causes and patterns.
  • Relevant – Manually sifting through reports are a thing of the past. Generating specific results is no longer synonymous with multiple spreadsheets, views and headaches. The Insurance Scorecard™ dashboard is adaptable to individual department’s needs. Claims, marketing, underwriting and management can all create their own dashboards, each with reports applicable to the department’s needs. Each department can assign varying levels of permissions – edit or write-only – to other departments regarding their reports.
  • Customizable – Insurance Scorecard™ gives firms the options of an out-of-the-box implementation or a tailored installation. While some firms may choose to employ the library of built-in analytics tools and reports, others may wish to modify existing KPIs to fit their business processes. SNL iPartners’ architects and engineers work closely with clients to identify their business drivers and the model that would optimize their results
  • Secure – SNL iPartners understands that data is the lifeline of our clients’ business. To safeguard our clients’ data and deliver high availability, our Insurance Scorecard™ solution is deployed on an advanced technology infrastructure located in a secure, redundant and SSAE 16-compliant data center.

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